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Mobius Inspired Custom Skate Deck

Mobius Inspired Custom Skate Deck

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Rock out, shred the streets keep it Steezy with this custom Moebius style Skate Deck

This item takes a minimum of 2 weeks to prep and send. Times may vary depending on postal delays and other unforeseen circumstances

Deck Specs


If you want other sizes lets have a chat


Allow you to grip it, and outfit it to your liking.

7 plies of 100% American Maple AKA Canadian Maple (many different names for this wood but only one species: Acer Saccharum and grown around the Great Lakes) with skateboard specific glue.


  • Mellow Concave, Top Dyed Veneer other plies natural (assorted colors), with Custom Bottom Print.

  • Highest quality ingredients and process: North American maple and skateboard specific glue, cold pressed.

    Mellow Concave Usually this is the choice for the tech skater. Flat spots beyond the outer truck holes provide a stable platform for nose and tail slides. Smooth transitions through the nose, tail, and center concave provide a stable platform that is not too ‘twitchy’ for flip tricks.

    Skateboard decks are cold pressed. This method takes more time than a hot pressed deck but does not subject the wood to high temperatures that can weaken the wood fibers. Careful attention is made to the fine details like veneer moisture content and the uncut decks are allowed to cure for 4-7 days in large stacks before finishing.

    Made in Collaboration with Point Distrubution

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